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To know I am love

Why? how you never even see me

 Or hear me to know I love

I wish I had a heart

That's made of solid stone 

That could never ever break

Becos it was so cold

I wish I had a mind

That freezes whenever time

Asks it to reconsider 

Double check what ill delivered

And if I had such a heart

As cold as mountain climb

And if I had such a mind

 - Conniving my decline 

I could know how you don't think

Know better how you don't feel  

So abled to overstanding 

 Why you so persecute me.

     Why? how yu never even see me

     Or hear me to know I love


I wish I selfishly one 

Two three makes way for follow 

For rest there's bits in trough

Or moat surround, drawbridge narrow.

Tick tock goes pulse and time

Pushing us further, apart

Where changes tho can change me

Can never steal my divine

And so with bleeding heart

As you mock and so define

Still charge on in glory defending 

My Alpha start - Omega ending.

But I wish I had the time

and tide in my pocket empty

So carats can so so tempt me

To polish my brittle bone 

And carve deities in brute envy 

 - To mask this fear I own

And if I saw gold as my glory

Control my background story

I would fully know why the fuckery

You relentless seek my destroy 

And still never even see me,

feel of what I am made

Or hear me to know this

That I am oh so love.


                             (4 April 2020)

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