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Grenfell Lost

You never know what you're losing, till you know just what you've lost
You never know who you're losing, till you can fully count the cost.
Lost unlike keys later found
Lost unlike baggage later claimed
Lost unlike a ship run aground
But lost,
Like a hug never again.

Like the sounds of laughter before the pain
Like the main and afters, the sharers that came
for Ramadan
Before the rain that didn't fall from deep within 
Before the sirens wail 'heed warnings'  yet again
Rang out
Yes, before the wreckage.

            12 years old 
14 years young
             56 years old
And the stories never told
The runs never run
Years never seen 
Years should've been 
Years of conquer and example 
Years to live for being thankful 
 be now lost.

Lost in a matrix
decisions so tainted
That only the strong surviving 
Will seek the words of un-dividing
that lift the temperature of hope from sliding 
that heal the wounds of loss in finding
  That child who yet to speak
The man who so complete
 That girl who was a queen 
 The boy who would be King. 

Well, Up to Us now
Placed is trust now
To keep dreams alive
To live more than survive 
To wrench from so called mighty
Truth honesty and justice
Fruit where rot be practice
For the more to come
For the Youngs who’ll come
After Us
To fight the good fight
To bathe in sunlight 
Knowing that all will be well
But for how long? who can tell.

Shame it has to be this way
Shame capital and profit hold sway
Shame humanity degredates 
Segregates even those who dare,
who care so much to put health on trust, 
For you see Wealth we must 
See as immaterial 
As literal 
As the knowledge that kin to kin 
That lives within
Must see the light of each day
And preserve the perseverance of a nation
That bonds together the whole world over.

For carry on this way
When greed and privilege order day
Be the battlecry of intent
Be the aim of well meant
Be the spirit that most seek
Will keep us all forever weeping 
Trapped on bloody knees
Watching our horizon 
Fast Disappearing
Reaching out from earthly hell
With pain that’ll never ease
From a hell that’ll never freeze
Dousing no small, or big Fire!!  
Then We may as well all just eat ourselves 
And ease the planet of this burden 
It for so long bears.

                               Just doingUs

Damel Just doingUs

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